how to dj with spotify 2024

How to DJ with Spotify in 2024 - 6 Best Way

Learn alternative methods to DJ with Spotify music 2024.

"Why can’t I DJ with Spotify? Can I use Spotify with Rekordbox?"

If you’re contemplating directly adding Spotify to DJ apps, unfortunately, that’s no longer feasible. Spotify's interaction with third-party DJ apps was removed in 2019, which severely restricted live DJing choices.  

However, all hope is not lost! In this post, we’ll outline six different methods for DJing with Spotify. These methods cater to various types of DJs. Read our in-depth guide if you’re interested in mixing Spotify Music with popular DJ apps like Serato DJ, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Djay Pro, and others.

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🔥 Method 1. DJ with Spotify: High-Quality Spotify Downloads

How to DJ with Spotify on Any DJ Software

Due to encryption, even with a Premium account, you can't play Spotify music on other apps or even add tracks to DJ software. To DJ with Spotify music on any software, you'll need a tool to convert Spotify tracks into open formats like MP3, WAV, or AIFF, which are widely supported in DJ apps.

Here we recommend AudiFab Spotify Music Converter, the best DJ music downloader for DJs, which records and converts Spotify audio to DJ-compatible formats like MP3, WAV, and AIFF. It stands out by preserving 100% original quality and supporting tag information editing, making it an ideal choice for DJ sourcing.

More details about AudiFab DJ Music Downloader:

download spotify music to computer

AudiFab Spotify Music Converter

  • Download music from Spotify for DJing.
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.
  • Keep high output quality up to 320kbps.
  • Save and edit ID3 tags.
  • Easy to use, no ads, 100% free.
  • 24-hour technical support.

This section explains how to use AudiFab Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify music locally, so you can freely enjoy Spotify songs offline on DJ software such as Serato DJ, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ. Please download AudiFab on your Windows and Mac, then open it.

Tips: The following steps are available on Windows, if you are using Mac, please read this text: How to Download Spotify Music on Mac.

Drag and drop the songs that you want to use in DJ software from Spotify App to AudiFab. Check the song list, then click “Add”.

add spotify dj music to audifab

Navigate to Settings, choose “Spotify Record” as the conversion mode and “320kbps” for better audio quality. Select output formats as MP3, WAV, AIFF, or others that are compatible with your DJ apps.

DJ App Supported Music Formats
Virtual DJ MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis
Djay MP3, AAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis

  • MP3: 320kbps is sufficient for DJing.
  • WAV: High quality but lacks tag info.
  • AIFF: High quality with song information.
customize spotify music output settings for dj

 Click “Convert”, and AudiFab will download your Spotify songs to MP3 locally. This step only takes a few minutes to complete.

download songs to mp3 from spotify

Find your Spotify DJ songs in the output folder or in the "Converted" section on AudiFab when the conversion is done. Then you can use Spotify in DJ to import them to any DJ software you like. Check how to do this in these detailed guides:

How to Add Spotify Music to Serato DJ
How to Add Spotify to Virtual DJ for Mixing
How to Add Music from Spotify to Rekordbox

🎞 YouTube Video: How to DJ with Spotify

Method 2. DJ with Spotify: Use Crossfade and Auto Mix on Spotify

How to Listen to DJ songs or create a DJ-like experience on Spotify

If you aim to be your music party DJ, both Crossfade and Automix can help you make your Spotify sound like a DJ! Especially suitable for those who enjoy continuous and smooth music, much like a DJ mix. However, remember that subscribing to Spotify Premium can avoid ad interruptions, making your DJ journey smoother. To DJ with Spotify's Crossfade and Auto Mix features:

Open the Spotify App > Click “Profile” > “Settings” > Scroll down to “Playback” > Turn “Crossfade songs” or “Automix” on.

crossfade and auto mix on spotify

Method 3. DJ with Spotify: Transfer Spotify to Other Sevices

How to Transfer Spotify Tracks to DJ Software-Supported Streaming Services

The first method needs storage for Spotify DJ MP3s, and the second may not offer enough flexibility for DJs' mixing requirements. At this point, you can try the third method, which is transferring Spotify to other DJ software-supported streaming services. Here's a list of popular DJ software and their compatible streaming services:  

DJ Software Supported Streaming Music Services
Serato DJ TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport, Beatsource
Rekordbox TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource, SoundCloud
Virtual DJ TIDAL, Deezer, SoundCloud, Beatport, Beatsource
Djay TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport, Beatsource
Traktor Pro 3 Beatport, Beatsource
Engine DJ TIDAL, Amazon Music Unlimited, SoundCloud, Beatport, Beatsource

You can use online streaming music transfer tools like Soundiiz, TuneMyMusic, SongShift (iOS), or FreeYourMusic to move Spotify tracks to other streaming services that DJ software supports. Here's how to do it using Soundiiz and TIDAL as examples:

Visit > Click “Start for free” > Create and log in Soundiiz account > Connect Spotify and TIDAL account > Open “Transfer” in the Tool section >  Choose Spotify as “Source” and TIDAL as “destination” > “Start” > Choose the songs you want and click “configuration” > Click “Confirm”.

tranfer spotify to tidal for dj

After transferring successfully, you can open your DJ software, select TIDAL under the Online Music options, and import your music for DJing. This way, you can DJ with Spotify songs via TIDAL.

dj with tidal

Method 4. DJ with Spotify: Match Spotify Music from YouTube

How to Find YouTube Version of Spotify with DJ.Studio

In addition to using online tools to transfer music from Spotify to other streaming platforms, you can also make use of a paid software called DJ.Studio. This software can find the “YouTube Version” of Spotify quickly, and then you can import the music into the software. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Start a new mix in YouTube mode within DJ.Studio.
  • Select the Spotify tab and paste your Spotify playlist URL.
  • DJ.Studio will scan the Spotify playlist and seamlessly mix the tracks.

match spotify to youtube dj studio

Method 5: DJ with Spotify: Free DJ App That Compatible with Spotify

How to Add Spotify for DJ Mixing with Mixonset, Pacemaker, and JQBX

Mixonset, Pacemaker, and JQBX offer Spotify DJing but have drawbacks. Mixonset and Pacemaker need a Spotify Premium subscription and only work on iOS/Macs. Geographic restrictions may limit availability, and JQBX isn't a conventional DJ app. These limitations make them less ideal for professional DJs.

The operation steps for Mixonset, Pacemaker, and JQBX involve linking your Spotify account, accessing your Spotify playlists, albums, and tracks, and adding them to the software for mixing.

free dj app work on spotify

Tips: Pacemaker was sunset on June 26th, 2023.

Method 6. DJ with Spotify: Purchase Official Songs

How to Legally Use Music in Your DJ Sets by Purchasing Songs

If you wish to use music for commercial purposes, you must purchase and download a legal copy of the song you want to mix. Although Spotify has a vast music library, it does not allow for the purchase and download of individual songs directly from its platform, meaning it cannot be used for this purpose. However, you can still buy and acquire high-quality tracks through platforms like iTunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, etc, and then use these purchased songs in your DJ set. Here use iTunes as an example:

Open iTunes > Find the song or artist you’re looking for > Click the price button next to the song > Sign in with your Apple ID.

After purchasing, the song will automatically download into your iTunes library, so you can add it to DJ software.

buy music on itunes

Which is the Best Method to DJ with Spotify?

Selecting the "best" method depends on a combination of factors such as your specific needs, the level of control you seek over your mixes, and whether you prioritize convenience, legality, or audio quality.

🏆 High Audio Quality
Method 1, Method 2, Method 6

🏆 Convenience
Method 2

🏆 Compatibility with Multiple DJ Software
Method 1, Method 3, Method 6

🏆 Ability to DJ with Spotify Offline
Method 1, Method 6

🏆 Low Cost
Method 2, Method 1, Method 3, Method 5

🏆 Legality
Method 6, Method 1

Frequently Asked Questions on DJ with Spotify

Is there a DJ program that works with Spotify?

Yes, they are Mixonset, Pacemaker, and JQBX. You can check details on Method 5. DJ with Spotify: Free DJ App That Compatible with Spotify.

Is there a DJ mode on Spotify?

Yes, there is a Spotify DJ mode known as the Spotify AI DJ. The AI DJ serves as a virtual assistant, suggesting old favorites while introducing you to new genres, playlists, and artists tailored to your music taste.

To get AI DJ on Spotify, open the Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device first, then navigate to the Home screen and head to your Music Feed. At last, tap on the "Play on the DJ" card.

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spotify ai dj

Is it legal to DJ with Spotify?

Yes, you can DJ with music from Spotify, but you should keep in mind that Spotify’s terms and conditions explicitly state that you can only use their content for non-commercial purposes.

Whether you’re a novice DJ or a professional, you are not allowed to perform DJ sets with Spotify content in public venues such as restaurants, bars, stores, etc., or if you’re being paid for the service. Therefore, using Spotify for personal events like a private gathering with friends or colleagues should be fine.

If you want to use Spotify for commercial purposes, please follow Method 6. Purchase Official Songs.


DJing with Spotify in 2024 has become more accessible and versatile. Whether it's downloading Spotify to MP3 for DJing, making use of Spotify's built-in DJ features, or others, DJs now have numerous ways to DJ with Spotify as outlined in this guide.

Converting Spotify music to MP3 with AudiFab Spotify Music Converter  for DJing stands out for its excellence. AudiFab keeps high-quality audio up to 320kbps, and the converted MP3 files can be used across any DJ software. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to play the saved Spotify music on any device or application forever. AudiFab is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to both professionals and beginners alike. Consider giving it a try today!

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